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Large banks such as Wells-Fargo seem to have denied millions of struggling homeowners loan modifications that they were entitled to. The attorneys of Patterson Law Group are presently litigating and investigating putative class actions against Wells Fargo and other large national banks. These banks have systematically denied loan modifications to millions of homeowners that qualify for federal assistant programs designed to save peoples’ homes from foreclosure.  For example:

  • Borrowers are being threatened with foreclosure while still completing the loan modification trial process.
  • Borrowers are having their homes foreclosed even after making the agreed upon trial payments and doing everything they were asked to do to secure a modification.
  • Borrowers are told to make reduced trial payments, and then forced to make up large deficiencies when they are later told the bank did not approve their modifications.
  • Borrowers who were not delinquent at the beginning of their trial programs are falsely being reported as delinquent to credit bureaus